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Items to perform for system maintenance

1. Delete Temporary Internet Files

2. Run Scandisk or Check Disk utility

3. De-fragment Hard Drive

4. Compact Outlook / Outlook Express (OE) Mail Folders

5. Perform Back-up of Data   (Should include Outlook PST file, My Documents, Favorites)

6. Run Spyware Checkers. It is recommended to have at least a free or commercial Spyware checkers for maximum protection.
7. Update and Run Norton Anti-Virus

8. Check and Run Windows Critical Updates

9. Check that your Temporary Internet file space is set to between 5-25 MB

Keeping your system running smoothly doesn't have to be a chore. Maintenance should be performed at least monthly. Very casual users can probably go two months between scheduled maintenance. 

People who do a lot of surfing should perform items 1,6,7 weekly. Systems that have a heavy usage, especially e-mail and move/add/change a lot of documents, should be done bi-monthly. Even though your Norton Anti-virus software should be set to scan weekly and automatically update, it is important to do both manually once a month to insure that they are still working properly. Anytime a Microsoft Update or a virus makes the news, it is important to update and scan your PC.

Do it yourself or get on an affordable maintenance program. All maintenance can be performed remotely at convenient hours that won't disrupt your work schedule. Open a Maintenance Ticket today to get your PC oil change scheduled.